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Next Gen BEOC Project Overview

Project Overview

  • NIMSAT Institute at UL Lafayette serves as Executive Agent for the Louisiana BEOC and as Alternate State EOC
  • Laboratory for testing new concepts and technologies in emergency management and crisis decision-making.
  • NextGen BEOC project sponsored by NIST and US Ignite will research the cognitive and technology architecture for advanced EOC/BEOC design and prototype at UL Lafayette
  • Transition path from EOC in physical space to a virtual EOC via a Distributed Emergency Operations Network.

Public/Private Partnership for R&D

  • NIMSAT Institute, UL Lafayette (lead)
  • START Center, University of Maryland
  • LA Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and  Emergency Preparedness
  • Maryland Emergency Management Agency
  • Siemens Corporation
  • Cities of Lafayette, LA / Annapolis, MD / Cincinatti OH