Mobile Operations Center

NIMSAT partially funded the UL Lafayette Police Department’s 33-foot motor coach, which is designed and outfitted to serve as a command center for University leadership in any crisis.

Emergency Preparedness

NIMSAT offers extensive planning, training, and exercises in emergency response, ensuring your organization and community are safe in the midst of a crisis.

The NIMSAT Institute

The National Incident Management Systems and Advanced Technologies (NIMSAT) Institute is a homeland security and emergency management center part of the Informatics Research Institute at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

The Institute focuses on the development of public-private partnerships and the application of advanced information technologies to enhance the resiliency of the US to all-hazards, and to the mission of saving human lives. The NIMSAT Institute seeks to enhance national resiliency to a full range of potential disasters by conducting research leading to innovative tools and applications that empower the homeland security and emergency management community through education, training, outreach and operational support. The NIMSAT Institute is staffed with experienced first responders, academic researchers, and technology experts connecting for a resilient America.




The LABEOC is a joint partnership between the Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, Louisiana Economic Development, and the NIMSAT Institute at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Founded in 2010, the LABEOC supports the coordination of activities and resources of businesses and volunteer organizations in Louisiana and across the nation as well as with the public sector to improve response, improve self-sufficiency, reduce reliance on FEMA and other federal assistance in order to maximize business, industry and economic stabilization, returning the business environment to normal operations as quickly as possible.

Latest Response Effort: Hurricane Laura Recovery and COVID-19 Pandemic 

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